12/7 end of week update

All work as promised for the week has been completed. Buildings are totally separated and plumbing issue exposed. Omni plumbers and Norm are on site now to cap and reconnect and test. No further issues. Marsh View will reopen Monday as scheduled.

AIPCA has completed all work in connection with the agreement. I met with Stuart and Norm and both agreed there are no outstanding issues. It has been a great working relationship and we need to thank Mary for all her help. She turned it over to Norm and he has been very responsive.


A little hand work to save that beam and roof support.

Cutting the slab along the line. You can see that Norm was right there monitoring.


Determining the final cuts.


Everything is pulled loose and final cutting of the slab.


The last piece if their roof is ready to pull off. The door is screwed shut so can’t be opened.




Off it goes.


End of the line.



Slab has been pulled off.


This beam will stay until Omni gets the wall and roof framed in. They have some roof work to do as it is bowed down and has puddle damage (rotten boards) they will finish cutting beam and post will just fall.

All for now. Hauling will start Monday and then the remaining corner will go down.

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