Friday AM Update

All is good. The permit package is delivered. There is no delay at this point. We will follow progress closely. GB is still the 19th.

The slab between buildings will be broken up at 2 this afternoon with Omni contractors/plumbers present. Marsh View is not scheduled to reopen until Monday so there are no issues there. After water repair, the tarp will be removed and the last piece of the roof will be removed – we are doing that as a favor (no real cost). Then we are totally separated and the rest is up to Omni to rebuild the wall.

Actual construction is scheduled to start after the first of the year. Between now and then all fill and grading will take place. They won’t be sitting still. The well head will be grouted in that time period also.



The slab area is being cleared.


This pile will be hauled this afternoon and Saturday AM. Then the remaining corner will come down along with the trees in that corner.


Total separation.


Last section to come down.

All for now.

Demo update




Lot got done today. All trees etc on left side are down and hauled away.


This pile of rubble was hauled this afternoon.

IMG_3173Working on removing the last piece of the Omni roof overhang.

IMG_3176The Omni wall is totally exposed and connecting overhang is gone.


The President inspected the job and had a tour by contractor.


Roof removal complete and covered.


The rubble has been cleared from the connecting slab.


The slab will be jack hammered and expose the water line in the AM. Omni will then cap and run the new lines. This is totally coordinated with Omni. Then the wall is their issue.
We will then complete the demo/haul away.
All is still on schedule. No rain till Saturday.


Demo progress

They are done for the day. Debris will be hauled first thing in the AM and demo will start again. Plan is to be totally down by EOD. Marsh View closed at noon and will be back open by weekend, unless they find other issues with their water. Electric and fire are still in tact. Norm is totally on top of it. He has maintenance crew standing by. All for now.